Training Materials and Reference Documents

If you would like to submit a request to schedule a training session or a checkout session, you will need to go to the PINMRF webpage at iLab Solutions and log in using your Purdue credentials. After you get to our main page you can click the "Request Services" tab to access the training request form. Here's a link to the site (will open in a new window): iLabs PINMRF website. NOTE: your iLab account must be set up in order to access these webpages.

Below is a list of all the PINMRF documents available for download in PDF format. Documents will open in a new window.

Please note that our PINMRF Overview Document contains, amongst other things, a discussion of our training practices and requirements. To summarize that document, new users may receive training from PINMRF staff or from qualified members of their research group. If the latter method is chosen, the current PINMRF user guide(s) must be used as instruction materials. All new users must pass both written and practical checkout quizzes prior to being allowed access to the instruments.

General Documents

Bruker TopSpin (400/500/800 MHz) Training and Reference Documents (partly revised 04/2021)

Varian VNMR (300 MHz) Training and Reference Documents (partly revised 11/2015)

NMR Facility Internal Documents