PINMRF provides spectroscopy services to its user base. You need only submit your sample(s) along with the relevant information, and we will obtain spectra for you. There is a charge for this service, in addition to the instrument time used. For information about our charge rates please go to the Rates page.

To submit a request for NMR service, please use one of the following methods depending on your status.

If you are a Purdue employee or if you are from a business which already has set up a Purdue Business Partner account number, please navigate to the PINMRF webpage at iLab Solutions and log in using your Purdue or iLab credentials. After you get to our main page you can click the "Request Services" tab to access the spectroscopy service request form.

If you are from a business and this is your VERY FIRST, initial contact with PINMRF, please contact Dr. Harwood. We will ask you some questions and use the information received to set up your iLabs login and billing information.

Please do not bring us any samples until you have received a response from us regarding your request.

If you have any other questions or if you need to discuss a non-standard experiment, please contact Dr. Harwood or Dr. Mo directly.