Our new Bruker AV500HD NMR spectrometer is located in B055 DRUG building. It is equipped with a 5mm BBFO Z-gradient cryoprobe Prodigy, two RF channels with waveform generation, H2-decoupling capability, Z-axis field gradient module, and a sample temperature control unit with a chiller unit. It has a Linux host computer running TopSpin 3.2. The AV-III-500-HD spectrometer was opened for business in October 2014. We would like to thank Dr. Lance Ballard of Bruker Biospin for all his great work on the installation.

The cryoprobe Prodigy endows this spectrometer with approximately four times the sensitivity of any of our existing spectrometers for X-nucleus observation, such as 13C or 31P. It also has by far the highest sensitivity of any of our spectrometers for 19F observation.

Below is a thumbnail of a 13C test spectrum run using the 10% ETB/CDCl3 sample on June 2nd, 2016. The sensitivity as measured by the sinocal routine is 918:1! Click on the image for a larger version.

Picture credit: Steve Scherer.

Test Spectrum