Kristian Skjervold

Photo of wee little Kristian Skjervold

B.A., Mathematics, 1985, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota; M.S., Mathematics, 1992, University of Minnesota; Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, 1988-1990 and 1992-1994 Hoegskolen i Nord-Troendelag, Norway; Software Engineer, 1995-96, West Publishing, St. Paul, Minnesota; Systems Coordinator, 1996-2000, Indiana University School of Law--Bloomington; User Support Coordinator and Systems Administrator, 2000-04, City of Bloomington, Indiana; Manager, Network and Computer Operations, College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences, 2004-Present

Mr. Skjervold joined the College of Pharmacy in July of 2004. He is the Manager of Networking and Computer Operations for the College and in that capacity is the Systems Administrator for the Purdue Interdepartmental NMR Facility. He is responsible for maintaining the microcomputer systems in the Facility. He has extensive experience in working with people and developing solutions for their computing needs and providing and maintaining computing environments.